Benefits for clients

Benefits for clients

“Now I get it it.”

Instantly overcome all design interpretation difficulties as you actually walk through your design in life-size.

“Wow! It’s amazing! It’s so life-like.”

See and explore your new home/space as you imagined it (& your designer has designed it) as you interact with the space in a natural way.

“It’s us. We’ve got exactly the look we wanted.”

Tailor the spaces to suit your lifestyle by selecting different interior design options – change the wall, floor materials or furnishings in real time and see how the feel of the space changes.

“I’m so glad we did that.”

Make design alterations in life-size well before any trade is onsite. Give yourself peace of mind by avoiding the disappointment of costly building variations/rebuilds and untimely project delays to due design discrepancies.

“We’re confident in our decisions.”

Have absolute confidence in your decisions about room sizes, window positions and sizes, bench heights, the flow between spaces, the functionality of spaces, and the look and feel of the spaces as you walk through in life-size and select different interior design options in real time. There should be no surprises.

“Check out our new place.”

Share your new home/space with family and friends, or colleagues on your mobile device, computer, or Immersive VR mobile viewer.