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We provide customised premium architectural imagery, videos, 3D virtual visits and interactive virtual reality experiences to enable you, &/or your clients, to walk through, interact with, and experience their new home, or space before it’s built, using virtual reality.

Bring your designs and developments to life.

Immersive VR provides customised high quality architectural images, videos, 3D virtual visits, and interactive architectural virtual reality experiences (online, onscreen, mobile device, or direct immersion) for:

Property Developers and Project Sales & Marketing Professionals who use our project imagery, videos, 3D virtual visits, and interactive VR experiences to enable their clients to walk through their future homes/spaces, either by video, on their mobile devices, or in virtual reality, in life-size to feel the spaciousness and experiment with different interior options, or see their balcony views, etc.

– Luxury and boutique residential design and architectural firms and their clients.

– Leading luxury and contemporary residential home builders and their clients.

Commercial and retail design and architectural firms and their clients.

– Those designing and building their own dream homes.

Our services significantly reduce sales & marketing costs, improve design productivity, and provide a valuable visualisation and sales tool. Most importantly, our services instil confidence in decision making regarding the design, build, or purchase.

Imagine it.

Would you like to walk through and interact with your new home, or space,  space in life-size in real time before it’s built? To see exactly how the space will look and feel? To experiment with different exterior and interior design options?
You can with a tailored, high definition image, video, or completely immersive interactive virtual reality experience.

Design it

Send us a 2D plan/blueprint, or any 3D model, and we’ll convert it into a high quality image, video walkthrough, or full scale interactive virtual reality experience, bringing your plans to life.

We employ some of the world’s best VR designers, proven virtual reality technology and proprietary software to enable you and your clients to experience their homes, or spaces, before they physically exist.

Experience it…in virtual reality.

There’s no substitute for walking through your design in life-size in real time and being able to interact with the space in a natural way.

Our Immersive team host tailored immersive VR experiences for our clients at our VR studio.

Let us bring your plans to reality, and allow you to benefit from our premium interactive visualisation services at an affordable price.


From blueprint

to reality

We convert any 2D plan/blueprint, or 3D model into a high definition imagery, video, virtual visit, or a life-size interactive virtual reality (VR) experience.

Allow your clients to ‘try before you build/buy’ as they actually walk through and experience the spaciousness, look and feel of their future home, or commercial space, before it’s built.

Virtual real estate


Use our purpose built VR studio to provide the most immersive off-the-plan sales experience.

Have your customers walk through and feel the spaciousness of their future home or commercial space in life-size, change and select interior design options, and even see their balcony views.

Virtual reality

as a service

Create your own VR studio

Our technicians and designers will help you to set up your own virtual reality environment.

You can purchase, or hire the VR technology, we’ll install and test it, as well as train your staff how to use it.

4 simple steps